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Can Cats Sense Pregnancy in Soon-to-Be Mommies?

cat sensing pregnancy

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Cats may not understand the whole process of their owner’s pregnancy, but animal behavior specialists attest that many cats sense the pregnancy of their owner. That is even before the confirmation of a pregnancy test. 

Are you wondering why your once aloof fur baby is suddenly affectionate or clingy? Perhaps it’s time for you to begin wondering if you’re pregnant. Are you a fur mommy wondering if your cat can sense your pregnancy? Read further to know more.

Pregnancy Changes in a Woman That Cats Can Sense

When a woman gets pregnant, there are many signs of body changes. From the body temperature, mood, and behavior of a pregnant woman, these changes can be detected by a cat. How so? It’s because of their refined senses, especially their sense of smell and hearing. Here are four ways how a cat might sense pregnancy in humans:

Cats Can Feel The Changes in Body Chemistry

Animal specialists say that it’s possible for cats to sense the pregnancy of their owners even during the early stage. As you may know, the body of a woman experiences hormonal changes during pregnancy. The body may begin to produce more hormones namely estrogen, progesterone, and Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG). Cats can sense this because of their sense of smell. 

Cats Have an Excellent Sense of Smell

Did you know that cats have 200 million smell sensors in their nose? While humans only have 5 million? That is 14x better than a human nose. As the hormone levels begin to change, this gives off a personal scent that cats can detect, that can’t even be smelled with a human’s nose. 

Even the scent of urine changes because of the changed HCG levels. Because of the refined sense of smell of cats, they may notice that something is changing. They may not understand what it is, but because of the smell, they know something’s up. 

Cats Can Feel Body Warmth

During pregnancy, the blood flow in a woman’s body increases, the metabolism boosts, which in turn increases the body temperature. It’s possible that cats can feel the body’s warmth and sense this sign of pregnancy. That is why you may be wondering why your cat is extra clingy when you are pregnant.

If you’re a feline lover, you may have the idea that cats love to seek warmer temperatures. If there’s a warm place in the house, your cat will follow it. It may be the windowsill, the pile of laundry, couch pillows, or even a pregnant tummy. So if your cat is extra clingy and spends more time on you snuggling up than laying on their litter box, you may be expecting. 

Cats Can Pick-up on Mood and Body Language

Many feline owners claim that cats sense pregnancy because of the mood and body language of their fur mommy. Have you noticed that your cat may spend more time with you if you’re sad or depressed? They can sense it! They are sensitive to human emotional changes

During pregnancy, because of the hormonal changes, changes in mood and body language are expected in pregnant women. Cats may notice this by reading your body language, behavior, how you act out, or changes in your routine. If you’ve had your cat for a long time, they have become familiar with your facial expressions, the way you act, posture, actions, or daily routine. Even a slight change that is related to pregnancy, cats can detect it. 

Can Cats Sense Pregnancy? Does Evidence Support This?

There is no scientific evidence that backs up this claim. But many feline owners can attest that cats can sense pregnancy changes. There is research that shows how dogs can detect the smell of certain types of cancers in humans. So it is possible that cats may notice the signs of pregnancy as well because of the changes in hormones. These claims are through personal experiences and anecdotal stories of fur mommies. 

Regardless if cats sense pregnancy or not, when your tummy gets big or your mood changes, they know that something is up. During your pregnancy, it is important for you, your baby on your tummy, and your cat to transition smoothly to the situation.

How to Help Your Cat Adjust to the Pregnancy

Cats are more loving and protective when their owners become pregnant. To help your cat adjust well to the pregnancy, give your cat more time, be more loving and affectionate through the process. Avoid letting your cat feel they are neglected and avoid changing their routine because they may become aggressive and act out. This is the stress you don’t want, especially when you’re pregnant. 

Let your cat feel they are loved and the relationship hasn’t changed. Because as your new baby arrives, your cat can sense the changes in the routine. Also, spending more time with your cat can also help you through pregnancy. Studies show that spending time with your pet can help in reducing depression, lower blood pressure, and better emotional health. 

As for you and your baby, take care of yourself and the baby’s health. Take care of yourself and learn how to adjust well through your pregnancy. You and your baby’s health is the utmost priority. 

How to Make Your Pregnancy More Comfortable

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Pregnancy is a wonderful journey, enjoy the process and take care of yourself and your baby’s health. Congratulations on the greatest blessing coming your way! It doesn’t have to be a stressful time for you, your cat, and your baby, if you’re equipped with the knowledge you need, it will all go smoothly. 

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