Blessed: Hypnobirthing and Meditation App for a Positive Birthing

Reduce your stress during pregnancy & be confident during labor.

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Why use the Blessed App while pregnant?

Follow a dedicated hypnobirthing program

Follow a dedicated audio program made by certified hypnotists with extensive hypnobirthing experience to prepare for a positive birth.

Fall asleep easily and release anxiety

Listen to guided meditations, hypnosis, and sleep stories to fall asleep easily.

The app will coach you during contractions

While contractions are tracked, you’ll be coached with breathing exercises, relaxation techniques, and guided meditation to ease your birth experience.

What is hypnobirthing? And does it work?

Practiced by millions of women during their pregnancy, including celebrities like Jessica Alba, Angelina Jolie, and Kate Middleton, hypnobirthing is a set of hypnosis and techniques to prepare for labor in a painless and fearless manner.

Here are some of the many benefits of hypnobirthing techniques:

  • Specific breathing techniques that you can use to help the birthing process.
  • Hypnobirthing massively reduces the need for any medication.
  • Hypnobirthing instills confidence in the birthing process which makes it easier to deal with medical staff.
  • You can release any fears you might have about childbirth.
  • You’ll be able to stay relaxed, calm, and in control – no matter what’s happening around you.
  • Considerably shorter labor and birthing.
    Hypnobirthing leads to fewer surgical births and interventions.
  • Hypnobirthing creates a highly energized mom who is in good spirits following a birth that’s been calm and gentle.

How Do I Use a Hypnobirthing App?
Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I practice hypnobirthing without meditation or hypnosis experience?

Hypnobirthing doesn’t require any particular belief system or prior experience. Working with hypnosis and meditation techniques creates a state of deep focus. Hypnosis is about following instructions and focusing your mind, yet as you enter hypnosis, it becomes very relaxing.

Your mind becomes quiet and your body becomes very relaxed, which is useful for the birthing process. Hypnobirthing teaches you simple and specific self hypnosis, relaxation, and breathing techniques for a better birth.

What posture is best for hypnobirthing?

It depends…if you fall asleep every time you listen to the audios then lying down or listening to them at bedtime is the wrong time to be tuning in!

Lying down is a precursor to sleep and sleep is not hypnosis. So if you find you’re falling asleep then change your posture and sit up. If you’re using a comfy chair and you are still falling asleep then use a straight backed chair or change the time of day you’re listening to the audios and keep your eyes open.

Hypnosis is most effective when you’re focused and actively listening to the suggestions.

How can stress affect my baby?

Prenatal stress has been associated with the risk of a wide range of issues. These include both neurodevelopmental and physical problems, like anxiety, ADHD, and lower cognitive development on one hand, and diseases such as asthma on the other. Of course, these are issues that a child can take with them into adulthood.

Aside from prenatal stress, at birth stress can mean that your baby has a lower Agpar score, which is a measure of how well they’re doing immediately after birth, and then five minutes later. Stress can mean that your baby doesn’t feed particularly well, they may find it difficult to sleep, and/or they may cry continuously. Plus, they may have difficulty breathing if they experience stress or a traumatic birth.

Babies born using hypnobirthing techniques generally will have a higher Agpar score. They tend to be calmer, feed better, sleep well, and experience less trauma, and that’s because they are calmly breathed into the world gently, at their own pace.

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Our hypnobirthing app is available on the Apple App Store (iOs) in English, French, and Spanish. We’re working hard to help future mothers remove their fears and pain to make labor wonderful, thanks to meditation and hypnobirthing.

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NGetting ready for relaxed pregnancy and confident labor thanks to audio sessions and programs
Falling asleep and get back to sleep easily thanks to sleep stories and meditations
Tracking your contractions and enjoying relaxation exercises and meditations

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